EDN will be present at Electric & Hybrid Marine Expo Europe (Booth 1070) with a wide range of on-board battery chargers (OBCs) for marine applications.
Within EDN's current marine offerings, the new on-board chargers BHP19, for the US market, and BHP22 for the European one, deserve special attention.
BHP19 and BHP22 stand out for a conversion technology that improves power density and specific power, and for bidirectionality that enables power to flow in two directions: to and from the battery. This feature allows them to be used in applications such as V2L (vessel to load) where the OBC is used as an inverter to power AC loads inside the vessel.
Compared to EDN's previous products, BHP19 and BHP22 have also lower weight and volume, 30 % and 25 % less respectively, and power density has been increased by 35 %.
BHP19 and BHP22 are characterized by galvanic isolation that ensures clear separation of the vessel from the grid, providing maximum operational safety.


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