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Customers do not care about back-office procedures and efforts, they just want to be noticed, served and that their need will be met, so that they enjoy to work with our company.

They do care about "excellent service".

Service excellence means that it is not necessarily about exceeding the expectations of customers, but primarily about delivering what is promised and dealing well with any problems and queries that arise.

It covers everything that EDN does to make it easy to do business with.

We believe that being more customer-focused and providing service excellence is a significant advantage and performance differentiator for our company.

The key element here is motivating the employees in the proper way and constant monitoring of the customer service quality.

It is important to involve the employees themselves in the process of deciding about the customer service and more.

It is them who are in the direct contact with clients and meet them most often and that is why they usually have the best ideas concerning this issue.

If the company culture providing to the employees the opportunity to communicate these ideas, they become responsible for the service and they want it to be as good as possible.

Those results make the employees mindset about innovations and eliminating mistakes.

The rest becomes the culture of the company and so it drives itself on.