On-board battery Chargers

EVO Series

Developed to be flexible connected to any kind of AC grid worldwide, EVO series is a 11/22 kW on-board battery charger series available as liquid or air cooled. The charger galvanically converts single and three phase AC voltage to up to 1000 V+ DC voltage with high efficiency and reliability. Its sealed and rugged design tested through a strong validation and certification process with thousands of devices running in the field makes it reliable for any EV terrestrial and marine application.

HPC Series

The HPC series is the result of two years of research and development by EDN’s R&D team to deploy a new conversion technology that improves power density, specific power and to be cost-effective for mass production. With its extremely compact design HPC series can be installed in any harsh application.

The battery voltage can vary between 140 to 840 Vdc and the chargers can be easily paralleled to support a nominal on-board power up to 220 kW. the series can also provide its maximum power output for the entire battery voltage range to optimize the charging time (CPC – Constant Power Curve). The AC grid connection is a pure 3-phase no neutral input and is suitable for nominal plug-in to 400 Vac/50 Hz and 480 Vac/60 Hz mains grids and provide a full compliance with SAE J1772, EN61851 e ISO15518 to be easily connected to the EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment) around the globe.

The SAE J1939 CAN interface provides control, monitoring and diagnostic to the system.

The entire charger has IP67 and IP6K9K protection rating and a galvanic isolation ensures a definitive safety separation between the vehicle and the grid. HPC series has been designed for a minimum service lifetime of 15 years, providing full power charging for 50.000 hours at the nominal cooling condition. HPC series has passed an extensive validation plan based on ECE R100, ECE R10, ISO 26262 and SAE J1455 that covers: thermal cycle and shock tests, HALT test, shock and vibration tests, dust & sand and water intrusion tests, chemical resistance and salt spray tests, electromagnetic immunity and emission tests, safety tests, parametric and functional tests.

The series is CE and E(e) marked. HPC series, single or paralleled, covers a wide range of commercial and industrial plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) or pure electric vehicles. HPC series is suitable from small to large buses, trucks and vans, underground vehicles, boats and more.

BHP Series

The BHP charger series provides bidirectional high power density modules up to 840 Vdc link.
The module is based on the HPC’s innovative technologies which results in high efficiency and prime performance in heavy duty and rugged applications.
A galvanic isolation assures a definitive safety separation between the vehicle (IT system) and the grid and an easy installation. 
The series can be configured as single or three phase AC and works in “charger mode” or “export power mode” (bidirectional operations) to perform V2G, V2L, V2H.  
The BHP series successfully meets international EMC, safety and environmental standards.